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Finding a stylist should be effortless. We buy into the Stylist and not just the Salon.

Hairdressers, beauticians and make-up artists join our site because they want to share their details, photos and feedback. Above all they want to be easily accessible to new clients.

Whether you’re looking for a one off or regular visits, find it amongst the experienced professionals listed on our site.

How It Works

Step 1, Register your account! Fill in your personal details, choose your profile stylist name and activate your account via email confirmation.

Step 2, Make it your Own! This is your space, complete your profile with photos of your work, list your specialist services and share your client testimonials.

Step 3, Go Live! Your profile is now instantly searchable by all visitors to the site.

Quote your unique URL www.findalocalstylist.com/stylist/profile/your-profile-name on business cards and marketing material.